All Good Things Come to an End, But Not the Good Life

Throughout the week, we have been challenged to rethink what the Good Life is all about. We’ve learned that there are experiences that are more valuable than money, or popularity, or always being comfortable. Taking risks to go beyond ourselves, to listen to those around us, and to serve as Jesus served are worth the sacrifice in order to discover a life God truly has designed for us.

We have built lasting friendships and have numerous new stories to tell about children and families we have met. These people and their stories have found a place in our hearts and have changed us in ways we don’t even know yet. For almost all of our kids on this trip, it was their first mission trip experience and one that has set a good foundation for future experiences.

Our hope is always that these mission trips will not be reserved for destinations far from home, but that they will spark something in our youth and adults that gives them a desire to live as disciples of Jesus and servants to our neighbors in our own community. Of course, this spark could not happen without the generosity of from Zumbro. As they return home, I ask that you support them in their walk with Jesus by asking them about their experiences and sharing ways you serve others too. Or better yet, invite a young person you know to serve with you and tell them what it means for you to follow Jesus.

We have had an amazing week here in Sisseton, SD, on the Lake Traverse Reservation. We return home grateful and exhausted in the best possible ways.



Important Lessons, Kids, and Paint

The Youth Works crew had  a couple of powerful experiences learning about what has happened to Native Americans, and how it has impacted their people today. What we learned was difficult to hear because of the ways the formation of America, as we know it, has decimated their people and culture. It is heartbreaking, and has caused us to think of what we can do to build stronger bridges of peace and understanding between these cultures.

Our crews worked on a couple of different projects today, with half our group leading kids in games and crafts at Kids Club. While the other half of our group did some painting.

Jason J’s crew: Maya, Avery, Maika, Lucas, and Max share their reflection on their day.

Today we had the opportunity to paint Thomas’ house/business.  He is the owner of a nail salon.  The reason why we painted his house was because the town of Sisseton is coming up on its 125th anniversary and he wants the exterior to look nice for the parade. Everyone is so generous. Thomas even offered to provide lunch for our crew tomorrow!


While cleaning the siding we ran out of rags, so there was a lady with a butcher knife next door that kindly cut a rag in half for us.  We were a bit shocked but it was super nice of her to give a rag to us.  We enjoyed working with a team from St. Pius X in Rochester and listening to Disney songs together. Overall, we had fun today and we are looking forward to tomorrow.