Overcoming Obstacles and Conquering Fears

We decided to take a break this year from doing a middle school mission trip to help kids grow their faith through the physical challenge of adventure camp. Kids need different experiences to help them form faith. This week, our young people are being stretched to put their faith into action as they work together to overcome obstacles and conquer their fears. Today, they all took some big steps in that direction. Our group of 19 is split up into two groups. In the morning one of our groups took a survivor hike, learning what it takes to make it in the wild. They started fires, built natural shelters, and transported an “injured” camp staff out of the woods. 2A73560D-5CBA-4A09-B58E-ADE053372BA9

This afternoon, we all hiked into the woods to challenge ourselves on the high ropes course. We’re really proud that everyone tried the course. The elements were really high, about 25 feet off the ground! People took turns encouraging and cheering on their team mates as people made their way through the course. There was only one way up and one way down. Once people were up, they had to complete the course and take the zip line through the woods to finish. We all took some deep breaths along the way!


This week has been a challenge for our youth. But, through the power of relationships and a growing faith in God, our young people are proving to themselves and each other that they have the tools to overcome obstacles and conquer some of their fears.

Pastor Jason and Jen

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